The co-generation facility founded by Şahinler Holding in order to meet the power and steam requirement of Bilkont Çorlu Facilities and Şahinler Mensucat plants has been operating successfully since 1994. Through the high quality energy which affects positively the production quality, input costs of textile products are significantly reduced and the competitive power of products increased in global market.

With a total capacity of 200.000 MWh power and 390.000 ton steam, the company serves with its 11 employees and 5 pieces of machinery. It has 2 Alstom 6,2 MW, 2 Turbomach 5,2 MW and 1 Deutz Gas Motor 3,2 MW machines.

Şahinler Enerji produces along with seamless and high quality energy services for its customers.

Address: Misinli Köyü Kavşağı Çorlu - Tekirdağ - Turkey
Phone: +90 282 675 15 11
Fax: +90 282 675 15 12

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